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About Nano Card

The Nano health cards are produced by Far Infrared Ray(FIR) ceramic coating method using the unique bio-ceramic powders. The bio-coated card have served kinds of medical functions such as the improvement of micro-blood circulation.

Nano health card is considered to be beneficial for most medical and psychological problems. It is a form of complimentary medicine (alternative medicine) based on an ancient theory that all illnesses are caused by a disturbance to the flow of energy within the body.

Even Western Medicine recognizes that disturbances to the flow of energy is indicative of an illness and records the flow of electrical energy within the body. Western doctors records electrical activity of the heart by Electrocardiography (ECG), electrical activity of the brain by Electroencephalography (EEG), and electrical activity of the muscles by Electromyography (EMG). There is also electrical activity in other organs and parts of the body.

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